Social Justice

As part of our Christian mission and to live out the teachings of the Gospels it is our responsibility to help create a peaceful, loving and just society for all, within our local community and across our global family. We must strive to bring about change where it’s needed for equal access to wealth, health, well-being, justice and opportunity, to respect human dignity, protect the vulnerable and the marginalised and to speak out for those who would otherwise not be heard. Everyone is equal in the sight of God, yet we live in a world where poverty and injustice still persists; therefore we must reach out and offer our support to our brothers and sisters in need within our society across all faiths and cultures, so that every man, woman and child can live a full and dignified life. 

As well as through prayer there are lots of practical methods we can use to offer our help in whatever small ways we can to make differences in our society, by supporting the many initiatives available both locally and globally to promote and work toward a society that celebrates diversity and equality and encourages opportunity, growth and social well-being for all. For further information on some of the causes that we champion within our family of parishes please see the links below:

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