NEWSLETTER – 31st October

These are your copies of the weekly newsletter and notices for our family of parishes, Sunday Message Reflections, the readings and Gospel and a Homily. Take some time out each week to read these and pray for the most in need in our local community and across our global family.

Due to limited space on our paper newsletter additional items will be published on our News Extra page.  This will include articles surrounding the wider church and global issues as well as any charity and social justice initiatives. Please check regularly for updates and keep an eye on our main newsletter and social media pages for more information.

Mass for the Deceased

To remember our loved ones who have gone before us there will be Masses in our Family of Churches at the following time:

St Columba’s – Tuesday 2nd November at 6.30am

St Aidan’s – Wednesday 3rd November at 6.30am

St Bernadettes’s – Thursday 4th November at 6.30am

Please note the change of Mass times for St Aidan’s and St Bernadette’ s so people who work can come along.

Mass Arrangements

It is no longer necessary to book a place for Mass.

Mass will be held in each of our parish churches as shown below.

On 17th October we began the ‘Year of the Eucharist‘ in our Diocese which has the following aims:

  • Revitalise and renew our faith through a deepening prayer and devotion of the Eucharist.
  • Grow as a Diocese in our love and appreciation of the Eucharist.
  • Deepen our appreciation of the liturgical celebration of the Eucharist through the rites.
  • Celebrate Eucharist as being at the heart of the life and mission of the Church, gathering people back.
  • Go out to love and serve the world nourished by the Eucharist.

With this in mind, throughout the following year we will have the opportunity to pray before the Blessed Sacrament within our Wallsend Family of Churches. The times of Exposition and Adoration will be for 30mins before the Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday Masses in all three churches with an additional session every Saturday morning at St Columba’s from 11.00am during the Sacrament of Reconciliation/Confessions.

For further information on Mass Times and the arrangements in place please check here

*Saturday and Tuesday Masses from St Columba’s will be livestreamed from our YouTube Channel and and can be viewed here:

Mass times for the Christmas/New Year period have now been produced for all 3 churches – click the button below for further information.

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NEWSLETTER – 31st October

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