NEWSLETTER – 29th March

These are your copies of the weekly newsletter, the weekly readings and Gospel, Sunday Message and reflection material and a Homily. Take some time out each week to read these and pray for the most in need in our local community and across our global family. 

Please note the addition of a letter from the North Tyneside Bereavement Office regarding arrangements for any Funerals required during the isolation period.

Sunday Half Hour available now on our website – click the button below. The service based around the readings for the day provides prayers and material for reflection. Why not use this on Sunday at 10.00am to guide your time of prayer in solidarity with others in our parish community?







NEWSLETTER – 29th March

2 thoughts on “NEWSLETTER – 29th March

  1. Hi,
    I wonder whether you could add Dorothy Henry to your list of vulnerable contacts?
    Her sister Marion has recently been discharged from hospital after a fall and so they are both spending a lot of time looking after each other.
    Dorothy does most of the shopping and as far as I know she only shops at the local store. Someone to check and see if they need anything would be a great help.
    I am in touch by phone but being an “oldie” cannot call at her home, which is ***Address DELETED***. Thank you.

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