NEWSLETTER – 27th December

Dear Friends,

I would like to wish you and your families a peaceful happy and holy 2021. 2020 has been challenging for us all, and it is likely we will be facing new challenges in 2021. I would like to thank all of those who throughout 2020 have worked so hard to ensure that our communities remain connected. I hope that as communities we can face the challenges of 2021 together and emerge stronger as a result.

Please think very hard about how you can use your skills and resources to ensure that is the case. Both of our churches would welcome any offers of help, particularly from our young families who have so much to offer and on whom the future development and well being of our churches depends. Now more than ever it is a critical time for the future of our churches.

Fr John

These are your copies of the weekly newsletter and notices, Sunday Message Reflections, the readings and Gospel and a Homily for the Christmas period, Take some time out each week to read these and pray for the most in need in our local community and across our global family. Please remember that if you a praying for a living person before adding names to the list you need their permission to do so

Mass Bookings

We are now open for public worship at both churches. You may book to attend Mass on any day that there is a public Mass, including any Sunday.

It is critical that the booking system remains in place to comply with government Track & Trace regulations. To ensure maintenance of social distancing in accordance with government guidelines we have a maximum capacity of 61 people so booking for Mass is ESSENTIAL….you can book via our website from Monday morning up until Thursday evening for the following week.

I would like to reassure you that we have done everything that we can to ensure your safety within our church, and if you haven’t yet felt confident enough to come along to Mass, I hope you will speak to those who have and they will provide you with further reassurance. Please remember that face coverings are mandatory.

Prayer Board

Please light a virtual candle and add your own prayers requests and/or intentions in the comments section below.  (If you are requesting a prayer for a living person please ensure you have their permission.)








NEWSLETTER – 27th December

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