First Holy Communion Programme – Online Access

Welcome to our First Holy Communion Programme

Due to the current Coronavirus restrictions we have developed an online programme to allow the children to complete their Sacramental Preparation this year.  We have worked very hard to ensure that the programme is as interactive and engaging as possible for the children.  Obviously we would prefer to work with the children face to face in the parish but this approach has been developed to meet the extraordinary circumstances we are in. We are confident that the material is enjoyable and engaging and will successfully prepare them for receiving their sacraments.

Each month there will be a family Mass to attend followed by an online session to be completed by your child at home. Throughout each session you will see some sections to be completed by your child alongside a parent/guardian, these will give you the opportunity to share the journey and discuss the programme together. As you and your child work together through each session you’ll be surprised by how much you get out of the programme too!

Each online session will be last no more than 1hr and contains multiple sections with slides, animated videos and short quizzes. Children will be expected to complete one session per month, they can work through the sections at their own pace but each part must be completed before moving on to the next. Each session ends with a final quiz and your child will receive a Certificate of Achievement once they have completed the session successfully. Session engagement and completion will be closely monitored.

Alongside the online sessions, your child will also receive a home learning pack from church, these will contain any additional material required as well as copies of your child’s certificates. Children will be expected to bring their file to church when they attend Mass, our catechists will use this opportunity to offer any support required and hand out any material needed for the next session.


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