Covid-19 Vaccination Appeal

We are all breathing a sigh of relief at the moment as the vaccination programme rolls out so effectively in the UK, I’m sure, like me, you are hugely grateful that your loved ones will be receiving the COVID vaccine soon. Some of you already may have had it. What is sure, is that by the end of the year, every adult in the UK will have been offered this potentially lifesaving treatment, so that we can go back to doing the things we love and as more and more of our loved ones and friends have their first/second jabs some sort of normality gets closer.

Tragically, this is not true for millions of people across the world. It is estimated that only 10% of people in low-income countries will receive their vaccine this year…many will have to wait until 2024!  This inequality is an example of what Pope Francis talks about in Fratelli Tutti ‘This moves us to respond to our brothers and sisters in need, whoever they are, wherever they come from. We are challenged to turn outwards, to act as neighbours and to reach out to all those who are in need’ (FT, 72)

The Astra-Zeneca vaccine costs £5 – £10 for both doses.  Would you consider donating this much to enable someone, somewhere else in the world, to have their vaccination too? You might like to donate this once your own vaccine letter comes through, or even in the knowledge that you’ll be getting it soon. It could also be a gesture of thanks for a loved-ones’ treatment.
In association with GAVI a group set up with the purpose of vaccinating people in low and middle income countries across the developing world and COVAX, a programme specifically created for the development and manufacture of the Covid-19 vaccines and to guarantee fair access across the world without political, religious or cultural bias we have set up a GoFundMe page where you can make a donation directly. We are setting our parish target at £1000.
We can make a difference and share our privilege across the world and I know I can rely on your generosity.  To donate any amount please click the link below and together we will be able to ensure that many more people are able to receive their vaccinations.


If you are unable to to make a donation online and would still like to contribute please put your donation in an envelope marked ‘Vaccinations’ and we will make sure it is added to the total.

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