Session 2 – Baptism

Programme Prayer

Begin the Prayer with Sign of the Cross: “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen”

Let’s take a moment in silence to be still and quiet and open ourselves up to whatever God wants to lead us to today.

Talk together about what we learned last session and which items you saw when you attended Mass:

Where was the Tabernacle, the font, the sanctuary lamp, the Paschal candle?

Did you see any statues or stained glass windows?

What colour vestments did Fr David wear?

Can you identify the sacraments below?

Talk together about the day you were baptised, where did it take place, who was there? Talk about the ceremony. Why were you baptised? What made the day special?

What makes you unique? We have different smiles, different things make us giggle. We have different hair and eye colours. Some people are good at running, others are good at climbing, some are good at reading, others are good at making people feel better. Every single one of us has unique fingerprints. Our whole creation is full of unique things. God likes to make his creation different. What makes you unique?

Your fingerprints are unique. That means that no one else in the world has the exact same set of ridges and lines that you have on your fingers.

Watch the story of Jesus’ baptism

Who baptised Jesus? Why do you think he was baptised?

Baptism Celebration

These prayers request God’s assistance so that the person to be baptised will be kept safe or protected in a more general way from temptation.

When the baby is anointed with oil it is a reminder that we are receiving the Gift of the Holy Spirit for the first time.

The priests blesses the water and says special prayers and we are reminded that through the symbol of water we are holy.

In Baptism Christ gives new life. Holy oil is a symbol of strength and healing. It a symbol that the baby has the gift of the Holy Spirit and has been made holy, a special friend of Jesus who is king. Oil of Chrism is blessed by the bishop during Holy Week and given to every parish to use.

At Baptism, the church wraps new members in a white garment as a sign of acceptance and belonging in the community of faith. White is a symbol of purity and cleanliness. The white baptismal garment shows that the newly baptised is now a Christian and with the help of family and friends will grow up to be like Jesus. They are wrapped in the white garment – wrapped in God’s love.

The candle is a sign that Jesus is the light of the world. At Easter, the Paschal candle is lit as a sign of the risen life of Christ. At baptism, a small candle is lit from the Paschal candle and given to the parents and godparents for the child. The priest says, “Receive the light of Christ.” They are instructed to keep the light burning brightly and the flame of faith alive in their child’s heart.

The prayer is said over the mouth and ears asking that the baby may be open to hearing God’s word as s\he gets older and his/her mouth so that the child will be open to sing God’s praises.

When you were baptised you became a member of God’s family. We go to church and to Mass so that we are nourished and given the strength to be like Jesus and take part in the sacraments.


We gather together as friends of Jesus in the community in which we belong.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

We pray that this will be a happy and holy time for us all.

As we walk this journey with Jesus may the Lord be in our hearts and on our Lips.


A reading from the Gospel of St Matthew

Jesus said, “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of time.”

The Gospel of the Lord

Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ.

We pray for those who are about to be baptised, may their parents and godparents guide them to follow Jesus.

Lord, hear us.

Lord, graciously hear us.

We pray for the families of those who are baptised, may they always be guided by the message of Jesus to love one another.

Lord, hear us.

Lord, graciously hear us.

We pray for our parents and godparents, may they continue to show us how to get to know Jesus better.

Lord, hear us.

Lord, graciously hear us.

We pray for ourselves, may we always do our best to follow Jesus through our actions towards others.

Lord, hear us.

Lord, graciously hear us.

Session 2 – Baptism