Coronavirus Action Plan

At this difficult time we would like to reach out to you and your families to let you know what is happening in the weeks ahead.  The instructions from the Bishop’s Conference that the public celebration of Mass is suspended.  In accordance with the call of the Prime Minister, to play our part in reducing the threat and the spread of Covid-19 the Bishops of England and Wales have directed that all churches must be closed and remain closed with immediate effect. Additionally there are very strict restrictions regarding Funerals/Weddings and Baptisms. 

We would like to re-assure you that we are still here and will remain an active and vibrant parish community providing services to our community throughout these uncertain times. It is vital that at this time we pull together as a parish community to show solidarity and do everything we can to help each other get through these uncertain times. Being part of our church may look very different over the coming weeks but please support each other, don’t forget to keep supporting the Foodbank too!


We have launched our new interactive websites bringing you the most up-to-date news regarding our parish communities which will be updated regularly.  You will also find information relating to the times that churches will be open and the initiatives that we are undertaking to keep you in-touch and involved while observing social distancing.  You can sign up for our Update and Newsletter Service at the bottom of the page to ensure you don’t miss anything, we have also launched an online chat forum to allow you all to keep in touch with each other too.  There is also an active Facebook group: St Aidan’s and St Bernadette’s Community Page which you can join.

Along with the newsletter we will be uploading copies of a weekly homily along with a variety of reflection materials and resources to enable you to continue with the spiritual aspects of worship, we will also include a video of a Sunday Mass which can be played online at any time.  Our church will be open at the times marked below for private prayer, lighting a candle or Sacrament of Reconciliation (on request).  Each Sunday we ask that you stop what you are doing at 10am and spend half an hour reflecting on the Good News of the Gospel (the readings and reflections can be found with the newsletter) and at 7pm please place a candle in your window to show solidarity with people around the world.

The church is currently closed and will remain closed until further notice. If you would like to drop off any foodbank donations or planned giving envelopes please let us know and we will arrange a time/place for this.


It is vital that you register for the update service (at the bottom of the page) to ensure you receive the most up to date information.  

We are also looking for help in a number of areas, so if you feel like you could volunteer then please respond to our St Aidan’s Mutual support call, if you can volunteer then please let us know and we will co-ordinate the information. For example could you offer to deliver some newsletters locally? Can you help someone get online? Or maybe offer to get some shopping for an isolated or vulnerable member of our community? If you require any kind of help or assistance then please use the Forum thread: Help Wanted!  This can be found under the Contact Us tab, please register to contribute.

Given the current guidelines regarding social distancing it is very important that our older and most vulnerable are kept informed of what’s going on, if it is possible please provide help for older members of your family to get online or provide guidance on how to use their own devices. 


If you have need any emergency support or have any urgent issues please contact us or call on 0191 2623820. Remember to also check on friends, family or neighbours who might need extra support.

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