Pastoral Letter – Pentecost

A Pastoral Letter on the environment, prepared by the Bishops of England and Wales, for use in churches on 23 May 2021, Pentecost Sunday. The Solemnity of Pentecost reminds us that everything which exists, every person and the whole of creation, is a gift of “God the Father almighty, Creator of heaven and earth.” God […]

Blessing of the Palms

The entry into Jerusalem by Jesus was the moment his disciples longed to experience. They had grown in the awareness that Jesus was the Promised Messiah and the showdown between the oppressed Jews and the Roman authorities was about to take place. The tumultuous welcome given to Jesus and his disciples as they entered the […]

Solemnity of St Joseph

Redemptorist Publications is delighted to bring the Solemnity of St Joseph Holy Mass, celebrated by Fr Denis McBride C.Ss.R. into your home this Friday 19 March. Click the video below to watch. We pray that this will enable the faithful to feel connected, to their faith and church community, during this special year of St Joseph.

Census 2021 Information

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) will be carrying out the census for England and Wales in March 2021. This year the census will be filled out on line and any information relating to this will be sent to you by post including a letter containing the access code needed to fill in your census […]

Lenten Resources

We have collated a variety of resources to enable you to take part in further online learning and reflection throughout the Lent season. Although much of the material we will be putting before you will be internet based we want to appeal to families and friends to reach out to those who would like to […]

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